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I am an award-winning investigative journalist, editor and research specialist with deep experience covering a variety of subjects, including Wall Street, securities markets, financial industry regulation and white-collar crime.

I also have experience conducting corporate research, such as due diligence, personnel background checks, investment evaluation, and accounting or securities fraud investigation.

I have been recognized for my investigative research and reporting, and have been awarded journalism fellowships, most recently by Investigative Reporters & Editors, that have funded further investigation and research.

Some recent activities include: conducting extensive research and large investigative projects for corporate consulting firms and due diligence firms (for ex.Corporate Campaign, Inc., a labor activist consulting firm.) I have also done research and fact-checking for book projects (for ex., Bull: A History of the Boom, 1982- 1999 by Maggie Mahar; Harper Business, 2003.)


Please click through this website for more information about me, my background and some examples of my work.

If you have any information about a possible story involving Wall Street Crime, Corporate Fraud or Whistleblower Activity, or if you would like an investigative professional to evaluate your claims, please contact me at